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Unprecedented in Divination: Introducing the Largest Oracle Card Set – 101 Cards for Your Ultimate Collection!

Source: FOX NEWS – October 12, 2023

New oracle cards.

We are excited to introduce this addition to the Evina Cards collection. The Oracle deck ‘سر الحياة | قصة الروح‘, crafted with the highest quality, boasts casino-grade card paper for enduring durability. But what truly sets this Oracle cards apart is its remarkable intuitiveness, eliminating the need for lengthy manuals or guidebooks. Each card speaks to the reader with precision, making it accessible to both novices and experts. And due to overwhelming demand, the oracle cards have been translated into six world languages, enhancing the global accessibility of this transformative oracle experience.

Renowned author of fortune-telling cards, painter, and photographer إيفينا شميدوفا has unveiled her seventh Oracle deck, marking a significant milestone in the world of divination. She works in mystical Prague, Oslo, London and travels the world.

Evina Schmidova’s vision goes beyond traditional tarot and oracle cards. Her goal is to provide seekers with a fresh, intuitive, and subconscious exploration of the mystical. These oracle cards are designed to release intuition without the need for complex instruction manuals or extensive study. As if that’s not enough, the deck’s beauty is captivating. Every card features precise and stunning illustrations that draw you into its spiritual depths and deepen the connection to your inner wisdom.

The cards are globally popular, as evidenced by one of the many award reviews from Japan by Kahori Kotou: “The pictures are beautiful and wonderful. The deck has a lot of cards, but it is easy to shuffle. You can do the reading without the manual.”

Since this year, Evina Schmidova’s works have been part of one of Europe’s most valuable collections of fortune-telling cards, which includes the rarest pieces of medieval tarot cards and almost all European cards produced after 1800. The uniqueness of the award lies in the fact that the collector has long confessed and made no secret of the fact that he does not collect or buy contemporary modern cards at all, as he has long recognized only the quality work of ancient artists.

These 101-Oracle cards are available on the بطاقات إيفينا website, where you will also find Oracle cards, Lenormand cards, Gypsy cards, Rune cards, handmade crystal divining pendulums, and Rune stones. List of seven oracle cards decks by Evina Schmidova:

    The Mystery of Life | The Story of the Soul – 2nd Edition 2023 – 6 languages (101 Intuitive Oracle Decks: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech)
    Lenormand Four Faces Cards I., (Lenormand Oracle Decks: English, German, French, Czech), Lenormand Four Faces Cards II. (Lenormand Oracle Decks: English, German, French, Czech)
    Ancient Mystical Intuitive Oracle Cards I. (40 Intuitive Oracle Decks: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech), Ancient Mystical Intuitive Oracle Cards II. (40 Intuitive Oracle Decks: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech)
    Bohemian Gipsy Oracle Cards I. (Gypsy Cards: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Czech), Bohemian Gipsy Oracle Cards II. (Gypsy Cards: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Czech)
    Goddess Freya Rune Cards (Rune Cards: Old Futhark), Runes Set: Goddess Freya Rune Cards (25-Runes Cards + 25-Rune Stones, 2x Bag, PDF Guidebook)
    Magic Lenormand Cards – 2nd Edition 2022 – 4 languages (Lenormand Decks: English, German, French, Czech * 220 YEARS ANNIVERSARY * 1779 – Johann Kaspar Hechtel – Nuremberg * 2019 – Evina Schmidova)
    Crystal Quartz Raw Pendulum, Crystal Quartz Faceted Pendulum, Crystal Pendulum Angel Pendulum Physics Quartz Raw, Crystal Pendulum Angel Pendulum Physics Quartz Faceted, Angel Pendulum Crystal Necklace, Shungite Pendulum and Pendant

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