Evina Cards ™

Evina Cards ™ Social and Environmental Responsibility

NO! The child labour
NO! The new form of slavery
NO! The profits made from the exploitation

Although we know the customer want is demanding for cheap prices, we will not produce cards in inhuman conditions for $3 or less.

You can see how innocent people work in harsh conditions in the following videos. It’s not only in fashion but in other types of products. The greedy buyer goes to the cheaper rate. Low wages, lack of worker’s rights and low manufacturing cost. It uses cheap and slaves workers all aver the world, not only in fashion industry.

Fashion Factories Undercover, Made in Bangladesh, Der Preis der Blue-Jeans (The price of blue jeans)

Around the world, there should be equilibrium among worker’s wage, business owner’s expense-profit and consumer’s income.

We produce from only in ethical and environmental companies.

We providing them with fair fees and creating a healthy work environment.

Without an equilibrium there is no harmony.

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