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Šungitové kyvadlo a přívěsek

Šungitové kyvadlo a přívěsek (Angličtina)

Šungitové kyvadlo a přívěsek

Shungite Pendulum and Pendant for divination and EMF Protection.

Unique mineral shungite: Absorbs what is harmful, helps restore well-being and defends against electromagnetic radiation.

Shungite Origin: Russia. The only one deposit of genuine shungite is in the Republic of Karelia.

Description of the pendant and pendulum:

Délka: 4,5 – 5,9 cm | 1.77 – 2.32 inches
Šířka: 1,1 – 1,5 cm | 0.43 – 0.59 inches
Lace length: 79 cm | 31.1 inch
Hmotnost: 11 – 15 g | 0.39 – 0.53 oz
Sametový sáček: 15 x 10 cm | 5,91 – 3.93 inches

EAN: 0717932035139

About Shungite

Shungite is a black, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent of rare Precambrian carbonaceous rock of organic origin. Scientists claim the shungite is about 2 billion years old. Today it is often referred to as a healing mineral due to its famous curative and antibacterial qualities.

You can wear shungite protective pendant daily. Shungite is a stone composed mainly of carbon. Better to remove it in a shower or bath if you want to keep its natural beauty and shine.

Daily protection from EMF

Electromagnetic waves surround us everywhere – they come from television, cell phones, computers, microwaves… Electromagnetic radiation is invisible, but it is constantly detrimental to our health. Scientific experiments confirmed shungite is a natural geomagnet. The smallest shungite pendulum and pendant can provide a great protection and support to your physical and mental state. It fundamentally reduces the effect of electromagnetic rays due to the shielding effect.

Pendulum and Pendant made of shungite is very useful for a person, protecting from negative external influences.

Natural antioxidant, capable of capturing free radicals that catalyses, filters and returns the natural condition. It brings about spiritual growth and absorbs negative energies and offers protection from anything negative.




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