Mystic & Spiritual Fragrance Oils

That the use of oily, fragrant materials to anoint the body is a custom going back to remote antiquity is evidenced by the Old Testament as well as other early literatures. Likewise the ceremonial and sacred use of oil and ointment was of early origin among the Hebrews, and, of course, was much elaborated in the prescriptions of the later ritual.

The particularly rich unguent known as the “holy oil of unction” is frequently referred to in the “priestly” sections of the Pentateuch and in Paralipomenon. Its composition is minutely prescribed in Exodus, 30:23-24. Besides the regular basis of olive oil, the other ingredients mentioned are chosen myrrh, cinnamon, calamus, and cassia, all of which are to be used in stated quantities.

The making or the use of this holy oil by unauthorized persons was prohibited under pain of sacrilege. In many of the references to ointment in Scripture perfumed oil is meant, and it may have in some cases consisted of oil only. Oil and ointment however, are distinguished in Luke, 7:46: “My head with oil thou didst not anoint; but she with ointment hath anointed my feet.” Identical or similar preparations, in which myrrh was an important ingredient, were used in anointing the dead body as well as the living subject (Luke, 23:56). Ointment of spikenard, a very costly unguent, is mentioned in Mark, 14:3, “an alabaster box of ointment of precious spikenard” (of. John, 22:3). So prized were these unguents that they were kept in pots of alabaster, and among the Egyptians they were said to retain their fragrance even for centuries. For the oil spoken of by St. James, v, 14, see Extreme Unction.

Strabo II says that the common people used the oil of the kikki or castor-berry, for anointing themselves, both men and women;  the general purpose to which it was applied being for lamps;  and many oils, as from the simsim, olive, almond, flax, selgam (coleseed), seemga, lettuce, and other vegetable productions, were extracted in Egypt.

It has long been believed that odors have a curious effect upon mankind, both natural and supernatural.

Magicians of ancient times anointed their bodies with oils that drugged their senses and induced visions.

The use of divine oils is a primary way of getting in touch with the supernatural, and the use of odors as psychological stimulants is well established. Certain perfumes can act as aphrodisiacs.

Various persons are sensitive to different fragrances, and there are many ways to employ oils for magical objectives.

Magical Oils Blend

Divination oil expands extrasensory perception and telepathic abilities. It deepens the senses, meditation and spirituality. It brings prophetic dreams. Invite ghosts to message or lead.

Money oil helps you ensure that you always have enough money. It has been specially developed to bring money, wealth and prosperity. It helps to improve your financial situation.

The mystical oil of love is filled with the delicate floral scent of roses and the presence of true love. It brings a lot of love and affection to your life or to another’s life. It helps turn the coldest potential lover to the deep passion you have longed for.

Happiness oil helps to bring happiness, health, wealth, prosperity, loyalty, love and success. It clears life of obstacles and helps you succeed in achieving your dreams.

Sexy oil increases sexual desire and deep passion. It will help fulfil all your wildest dreams.

Protective oils help create magical protective rings. A powerful tool that adds strength and protection. It protects you or another person from curses. It attracts protective spirits.

Success oil is highly magical and will help you fulfil all your wishes and dreams. It will help you clear your life of obstacles. It helps hold your success and happiness firmly in your hands. As a result, it is also a powerful addition to love spells or money spells.

Business oil is effective in inducing business prosperity. For success in business transactions and handling difficult situations. It will help you achieve your business goals. Strengthens other spells when drawing money.

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