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Runes Set: Goddess Freya Rune Cards (25-Runes Cards + 25-Rune Stones, 2x Bag, PDF Guidebook)

Goddess Freya Rune Cards – 25 Runes Cards + 25 Rune Stones (Old Futhark)

Authors: Evina Schmidova & Roman Wimmer

Cards: 25 Cards
Format: Rune Cards
Cards Dimensions: 7 x 12 cm | 2.75 x 4.75 inch
Box Dimensions: 15,3 x 10,4 x 2,0 cm | 6.02 x 4.09 x 0.79 inch
Quality Cards: Special 330 g/qm triplex paper of casino quality, assuring zero transparency. Easy to shuffle and resistant to worn-out.
Shipping Weight: 430 g | 0,94 lb
Others: Velvet Bags
Language: Old Futhark
Cards Print: Printed in Czech Republic
Specification: 1st Edition, November 14, 2020
Publisher: Roman Wimmer
ISBN: 978-80-87842-02-7
Brand: Evina Cards ™
Example Guidebook:

Black Agate Rune Stones (English)

Each set will consist of 25 stones : 24 contains charakters and one blank stones

Stones Size: 21 to 33 mm (0.8″-1.3″)
Stones Weight: 260 – 460 g
Others: Velvet Bags
Language: Old Futhark

Each Black Agate Rune Stones Set is unique natural and handmade product, so please understand that there will be variations in shape, size, color and weight. The Black Agate runes you’ll receive will be very similar, but may not exactly be identical to the ones pictured above.

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Weight 495 g

Evina Cards

1 review for Runes Set: Goddess Freya Rune Cards (25-Runes Cards + 25-Rune Stones, 2x Bag, PDF Guidebook)

  1. Lucielle

    Lovely runes and the cards are magical!

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